Left to right – Back Row: Jeff Stevens. Chaplain, Service Officer, TVS Rep, Lizz Lindsay. Amar Tiwana and Stephen Tresidder.

Front Row: Catherine Schaff. 1st Vice President, Barb Walter Venne. President, Peter Merola. 2nd Vice President, Bob Underhill. Treasurer, Alan Black.

Missing: Members at Large: Joe Sharples, Mary McKenna and Past President Jim Irvine.

The Executive and Committees

President Peter Merola
1st Vice President Barb Walter Venne
2nd Vice President Bob Underhill
Treasurer Alan Black, Barb Walter Venne
Service Officer Lizz Lindsay
Immediate Past President Jim Irvine
Executive Members Catherine Schaff, Amar Tiwana, Bob Underhill, Joe Sharples, Jane Anderson, Jeff Stevens
Secretary/Manager Lisa Hemmerley
Chaplain Lizz Lindsay
Sergeant At Arms Steve Cochrane


Cadet Liaison Bob Underhill
Community Involvement Barb Walter Venne
Convention Resolutions / By-Laws Peter Merola
Education Awards Peter Merola, Barb Walter Venne, Bob Underhill
Entertainment Peter Merola
Finance Committee Alan Black, Barb Walter Venne
Honours & Awards Joe Sharples
Legion Supplies Lisa Hemmerley
Literary Poster Contest Amar Tiwana
Membership Joe Sharples
New Chelsea Society Barb Walter Venne and Bob Underhill
Newsletter "Fluoroscope" Lisa Hemmerley
Poppy Campaign Stephen Tresidder, Peter Merola
Public Relations Jeff Stevens
Sick & Visiting Catherine Schaff, Kandys Merola, Mary McKenna
Sports / Youth Amar Tiwana
TVS Rep Lizz Lindsay
Website Lisa Hemmerley, Jeff Stevens and Amar Tiwana
Zone Bob Underhill, Stephen Tresidder, Joe Sharples.