Education Awards

Branch 44 Education Awards

Branch 44 is proud to be able to offer Education Awards and is able to do so thanks to our Veterans. Download the Application Booklet (PDF) to start the application process.

Education Award – Application Booklet (PDF)

Applicants over 18 years of age must have been a member of Branch 44 for at least one year prior to applying for a Branch 44 Education Award. The parents/grandparents of applicants who are not 18 years of age must have been members of Branch 44 for at least two years.


In 1923, a young married couple came to Canada from Holland to start a new life in a land of opportunity. On December 2, 1923, their home in Medicine Hat, Alberta was blessed with a baby girl. Evert and Bregtji DeKuiper named their only child, Elizabeth. What joy she brought into their home. Theirs was a happy family indeed and included many friends and relatives. It was only natural, therefore, that during the second World War, her feelings of duty for her country would lead her to join the Army in 1944. In 1946 she went to Shaughnessy Veterans’ Hospital where a diagnosis would confirm tuberculosis. Five years later she was declared free from TB and she found a new way of life: teaching war veterans – leather work, copper work, Math, English, etc. and anything else they wanted to learn at the Shaughnessy Arts and Crafts Shop. She became secretary of the newly formed Shaughnessy Speech and Hearing Association in 1957 and remained there until 1970. But the damage to her lungs from her previous bout with TB had taken its toll. On Thursday, February 25, 1988, she passed away from acute respiratory failure.

Elizabeth DeKuiper’s generous donations helped many underprivileged children throughout the years and when she passed away, she left a substantial bequest to Branch 44. Branch 44 invests this money and the interest earned on the principal sum is paid out in the form of scholarships and bursaries.

The purpose of the Fund is to give financial assistance of a one thousand dollar ($1,000) scholarship and a five hundred dollar ($500) bursary, to deserving students, from funds generated by the original bequest.

Recipients should have some affiliation with the membership of Vancouver T.V. (BC/Yukon #44) Branch of The Royal Canadian Legion.


Nellie Irene Webb was born to Harry and Nellie Webb on January 30, 1904 in London, England. The family came to Canada in 1906 but returned to England during WWI so her father could be of service to his country. Nellie received her schooling at Christ Church School in England where she received a letter of recommendation. They described her as a “most refined, intelligent, trustworthy and reliable young lady with a thorough home training”.

Irene returned to Canada again in 1919 and caught the eye of a returning soldier, Robert Robertson Miller. They were married in 1923 and were very devoted to each other. They had many happy years together enjoying hunting, fishing and their pets. Her husband passed on leaving her a widow for 50 years. Irene took a job with Woolworth’s and remained there until she retired in 1970. She enjoyed travelling and took several trips abroad with her friends and family.

During WWII, Irene did her part in the war effort by working as an electrician’s helper. She was a very independent woman and maintained her home until she was 95 years of age. She then resided in St. Vincent’s Langara, in Vancouver, until her passing on February 6, 2003.

Irene joined Branch 44 in 1994 as an Associate member and, according to the terms of her will, it was the “wish and desire” that the Royal Canadian Legion use her bequest to set up a scholarship or bursary in the name of Robert Robertson Miller. Branch #44 invests this money and the interest earned on the principal sum is paid out in a scholarship and/or bursary.